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SKM YOGA is india’s leading yoga offering over 40 per classes per week across
four locations in Noida , Delhi NCR .

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SKM Yoga Courses

Conducted like begginers, advanced, pregnancy, meditation yoga classes.

Beginners Yoga

Every pose made me challenge my physical endurance and flexibility and I seemed to enjoy that, albeit gradually.

Timing :
05:00AM : 09:00PM
Instructor :
Rishi kant Mishra


Intermediate yoga is next level of yogic science for achieving value based and result oriented yogic practice , Intermediate yoga Connect to poweryoga , kriya yoga , merma yoga, kundlini yoga, and another yogic aspects.

Timing :
05:00am : 09:00pm
Instructor :
Akshay Shastri

Corporate Yoga

Due to official pressure , best Result and outcome will be achieve only through yoga , Corporate yoga is highly emerging branch of yogic practice , Enroll your corporate today and feel the change in employee behavioral Analysis.

Timing :
5:00am : 9:00pm
Instructor :
Shivam Mishra

Welcome to Our SKM Yoga

Our vision is to transform lives through spreading inspiration, love, joy, connection and optimal health with the
teachings of yoga, and a vibrant community of learners who wish to live life in a healthy, joy-filled way.
We look forward to welcoming you in to our community!

About Us
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  • Skm yoga workshop with Tree foundation

    On 2nd Jan 2019

  • Skm yoga 3 Days interactive seesion with Skm Foundation Noida

    On 12 Jan 2019 Noida

  • Skm yoga workshop on Stress management in association with Hierank Business School

    on 2 Feb 2019 Noida

  • Master Shivam's Workshop with moon Yoga, vung Tau City Vietnam

    10 March 2019

  • Master Shivam's Workshop on international yoga management with Iran Yoga

    Iran Yoga Fedrstion, Rasht Iran 3 April 2019

Meet Our Expert Trainers

- Shivam Mishra

“Yoga is my favourite way to pretend to work out”

We consider Yoga to be the most valuable Indian inheritance of the present and believe it is an essential need of today. The Yoga House food concept is a subtle combination of cutting-edge macrobioticrecipes and ancient dietary wisdom and traditions.

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Skm Yoga courses available include: children, couples, elderly, prenatal, and yoga therapy for health conditions.


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