• Please consult your physician before commencing any health and exercise programme including yoga.
  • Complete a registration form. You are responsible to make your teacher aware of any medical or physical concerns you may have in general and on the day of your class.
  • Drink plenty of water before class. Bring a water bottle with you – a fountain is provided to refill but we no longer provide cups / glasses
  • Avoid practicing yoga on a full stomach – do not eat at least one hour prior to class start
  • Please turn off or turn to silent mode all cell phones before entering yoga studio
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before class start. If you are a new student please arrive 15 minutes earlier to become familiar with the studio and fill out registration form
  • Please take off your shoes before entering the practice space
  • Avoid wearing heavy perfumes colognes or scents to class
  • Wear comfortable breathable clothing avoiding large baggy clothing
  • We practice yoga with bare feet
  • We provide mats and props for use, if you choose to bring your own mat you may place this over the class mat
  • During the class do your best with the poses, listen to your body and be in your space
  • Remember it is acceptable to sit quietly on your mat and breathe if you need a break or more space
  • The more you practice – the better you will feel … your third class each week is free to encourage a regular practice
  • Relax and have fun … do not do anything that does not feel good for your body