Pt Shri Ram Sharma Acharya ( Gurudev)

SKM Yoga, as many of you may know, is a yoga center that is deeply rooted in the philosophies and teachings of Pandit Shree Ram Sharma Acharya. His profound wisdom and spiritual guidance have been instrumental in shaping the core values and principles of our organization. Our Gurudev Pandit Shree Ram Sharma Acharya was an extraordinary soul who graced this earth from 1911 to 1990. His dedication to spiritual practices was unparalleled, as he performed an astonishing 24 lakh gayatri mantra chantings for 24 times. This immense devotion and discipline truly set him apart. Pandit Shree Ram Sharma Acharya was a prolific writer, having authored an impressive 3600 books during his lifetime. His literary contributions have been a source of profound knowledge and enlightenment for countless individuals seeking spiritual growth and transformation. Beyond his spiritual endeavors, Pandit Shree Ram Sharma Acharya was a freedom fighter, a philanthropist, and the founder of Shantikunj Haridwar and Gayatri Parivar. His tireless efforts in promoting peace, harmony, and social welfare have left an indelible impact on society. At SKM Yoga, we consider ourselves truly blessed to have Pandit Shree Ram Sharma Acharya as our guru and guiding light. His teachings continue to inspire us to strive for spiritual growth, physical well-being, and mental clarity in our yoga practice. we invite each and every one of you to delve deeper into the philosophies and teachings of our beloved patron, Pandit Shree Ram Sharma Acharya. Let us embrace his wisdom and embody his principles as we embark on our individual journeys towards self-discovery and enlightenment through SKM Yoga.

Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma

our esteemed patron, Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma (Mata Ji). Mata Ji has been an integral part of our journey as we explore the profound depths of love and spirituality at SKM Yoga. Her unwavering dedication and intensive work in the realm of spirituality have made her an epitome of devotion and motherhood. Just like a goddess, Mata Ji's life has been a divine inspiration to all those who have had the privilege of crossing paths with her. Her selflessness and nurturing nature have transcended the boundaries of mere motherhood, making her more than just a mother figure to countless individuals. As we continue to tread on our spiritual path, Mata Ji's presence and guidance serve as a beacon of light, illuminating our way forward. Her confidence in our collective abilities fills us with a renewed sense of determination and purpose. We are honored and grateful to have Mata Ji as our patron, as her profound wisdom and unwavering faith in spirituality have enriched our lives in immeasurable ways. Her association with SKM Yoga is a testament to our commitment to providing a nurturing and transformative environment for all our practitioners.
For skm yoga Gurudev and Mata ji means a lot , the legacy they taught us means a lot .